Editor . VFX . Stereo 3D

About Allen Tracy

Allen Tracy Red CarpetThe world of film and visual effects has fascinated me from an early age. Having grown up around farming and agriculture the jump to Hollywood was a large one, yet I have been fortunate enough to live my dream here for nearly 10 years. I have taken my career in visual effects across both film and television, immersing myself in a variety of positions including: VFX Editor, Demo Reel Editor, Stereoscopic Conformist and Editorial Supervisor.


Within these positions I have gained expertise throughout the visual effects editing process, including:

  • bulletSupervising teams of editors across multiple films and in multiple locations, maintaining consistency and cohesiveness from start to finish

  • bullet Traveling to various offices, including international locations, to run training programs and proliferate consistent methods and high levels of quality throughout a company housing 12+ editors

  • bullet Maintaining a hands-on approach by working closely with engineering departments on video/audio routing, remote viewing and projection, as well as creating reels and running reviews

  • bullet Working closely with pipeline departments to create scripts and increase efficiency by automating many of the VFX editorial tasks

  • bullet Actively participating in meetings with clients, including esteemed directors such as Christopher Nolan, Bryan Singer, Tarsem Singh, Marc Forster, John Woo and Wes Craven, among others


I am constantly learning and employing new software and capabilities in order to keep up with the demands of the complex and rapidly evolving VFX environment, including: Avid, Final Cut Pro, Baselight, Framecycler, After Effects, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, and DVD Studio Pro. The VFX editorial process presents daily challenges and is never boring. I always enjoy a challenge I haven't faced yet.